Meet our Church Clergy and Leadership people

Reverend Sue Beverly Vicar

Rev. Sue Genner

Sue is serving the Parish as Priest-in-Charge following the retirement of our previous Vicar and until a new Vicar is appointed. Together with the Wardens she is responsible for the leadership of the parish. 

Lynda Wallace Parish Administrator

Lynda Wallace
Parish Administrator

Lynda Wallace is our Parish Administrator. If you require information regarding our church, facilities or want to be pointed in the right direction then Lynda is the one to contact either by phone or email.

Bill Aldridge Vicars' Warden

Bill Aldridge
Bishop's Warden

As Bishop’s Warden, Bill's main role, along with the People’s Warden, is to be a lay leader of the parish, to liaise with Vestry and to to support the Vicar. The Bishop's Warden has a particular role in standing alongside and supporting the Vicar and in caring for the Vicar's well-being, as well as that of staff.

Viv Heimann Peoples Warden

Roger Clark
People's Warden

As People’s Warden, Roger's main role, along with the Bishop’s Warden, is to be a lay leader of the parish, to liaise with Vestry and to support the Vicar. The People’s Warden should also be generally available so parishioners may speak to them about any concerns.

Elena Moorhead
Toy Librarian

Elena is responsible for managing our Toy Library. She is passionate about providing a platform of play and exploration for children’s growth and development. She seeks to provide a welcoming environment where parents are involved in their children’s learning through-play journey. 

Stephanie Suttmeier Playgroup Leader

Stephanie is responsible for our early childhood Playgroup. She enjoys providing a wide range of play activities, stories and music for children in a safe, friendly environment and giving parents and caregivers the opportunity to meet and socialise. 

Merina Foster
Community Activities Coordinator

Merina is responsible for developing and supporting our activities in the community for older adults including Fish n Chips & Games, Books & Friends, Senior Chef, Craft and Chat and our Golden Age afternoons for residents from local rest homes. She is passionate about engaging with people of all ages and providing a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Angela Stensness Children Family

Faye Ager-Stone
Senior Chef Facilitator

Faye leads our Senior Chef programme for over 60s where people can learn, or improve on, their cooking, practical food and nutrition skills. With her friendly, kind and gentle manner, Faye is an excellent teacher who helps people feel at ease and get to know each other.

Maree Gore
OASIS Op Shop Manager

With a welcoming and friendly manner, Maree enjoys meeting and helping customers. She has 25 years’ experience in retail and a passion for secondhand goods. The goal of our Op Shop is to provide fairly priced goods which help families and communities and reduce the impact on the environment. 

Where you can find us

Phone: 07 576-9923

Our Office is at
St John's Anglican Church
94 Bureta Road
Otumoetai, Tauranga 3110