Who's Who at St John's:

Priest in Charge     

The Reverend Geoff Crawshaw

Phone:  (07) 576-9923

People’s Warden:     

Viv Heimann      

Phone:  (07) 576-6097 


Vicar’s Warden: 

Bill Aldridge

Phone: (07) 576-5789

Parish Administrator:      

Lynda Wallace


Office Hours:  

Monday to Friday  

8.30 am to 12.30 pm


Phone:  07 576-9923

Email:  stjohnsotumoetai@waiapu.com

Website:  www.stjohns-tga.org.nz

Children's & Families Coordinator:

Angela Stensness

Phone: 0210 406 748



About Us:


St John's is an inclusive parish with a thinking theology and energy for Community development and social service delivery.  Children are always welcome.

St John's tries to reflect the ethos of the wider Otumoetai Community.  It has a valued relationship with the upper Bureta Community and businesses.

While reflecting its deep Anglican roots, parish worship and life reflects an open ended approach to faith and contemporary theology.


Farewell service for Reverend Arthur Bruce

St John's Parish

Vestry Members:

 (Vestry is elected annually) 

 Rev'd Geoff Crawshaw, Viv Heimann (People's Warden), Bill Aldridge (Vicar's Warden), Diane Sorensen, Betty Owen, 

Suzanne Franklin-Gard'ner, Alan Hough, Chris Harrison, Sue Genner, Rev'd Isabel Mordecai, Roger Clark, Kenneth Brown,

Angela Stensness

Pastoral Ministry Leadership Team

The Vicar - Geoff Crawshaw

Betty Owen (Co-ordinator)

Suzanne Franklin-Gard'ner

Viv Heimann

Frances Ferrabee

Lois Harvey



Children's Ministry Team

Angela Stensness (Children and Families Coordinator & Messy Message)

Brenda Harrison (Pillans Point School Liaison)